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Update from the Board President

    On behalf of the Medina Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors, I want to wish all of our members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. It's been a busy year for your board and we are starting to see progress on our project plans to improve your water service.

    First and foremost is the installation of emergency power generators at both of our water plants. This was a state mandated requirement from early 2022 and your board acted quickly to secure a grant from the Bandera County Commissioners Court. Commissioner Jack Mosely was instrumental in helping us secure the funds so we thank him for his efforts. Customers can now depend on water service even if inclement weather causes power interruptions with BEC.

    Our Field Operations Manager, Michael Sowders, provided an improved level of emergency services as well as completing numerous projects to improve general maintenance of the water system. Our Accounts Manager, Kevin Ayers, provides outstanding support to the Board as well as billing services to the membership.

    In addition to the generators, MWSC completed projects such as the replacement of recalled fire hydrants, new water lines to move household meters to the roadside, repair and servicing of other hydrants and flush valves, a project to provide the Medina VFD with a meter to account for water usage and a filling valve at the Fire Station to support their mission.

    But we're not through. The Board is working to secure funding for much needed repairs to the Finch storage tank, the acquisition of new water meters, the acquisition of an additional pressure tank for the Stringtown plant that will significantly increase our ability to support new customers as well as provide additional capability to support the community if there is a disruption at the Finch plant. We will also work toward establishing a third well site as a long-term project, but one necessary to plan for continued community development.

    On behalf of your Board, VP Harvey Young, Secretary Bob Buck, Treasurer Janet Miller, and members Roger Mora, Rick Randall, and David Reed, we wish all of our members a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Dan Poston

President, MWSC Board of Directors