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Upcoming Service Rate Increase

June 3, 2024

Medina Water Supply Members,

On May 9, 2022, the Board of Directors voted for a 5-year plan to raise the base rate for water service, beginning July 2022. This rate plan was designed to bring revenue in line with expenses, avoid a one-time large increase in fees, and to allow our customers to plan in advance for the gradual increases.

The rate schedule therefore is:

            2022 (effective July 2022) $35        

            2023 (effective July 2023) $40

            2024 (effective July 2024) $45

            2025 (effective July 2025) $50

            2026 (effective July 2026) $55

The amount of included water in the base rate will remain 2,000 gallons per service period (21th to the 20th).   For water use over 2,000 gallons, the rate of $1.00 per 100 gallons remains the same.  

In accordance with the approved rate plan of 2022, beginning July 21, 2024 service period, the new water rate will be: $45 base rate that includes the first 2,000 gallons. Water use over 2000 gallons remains at the above rate.  Please be aware that this rate will first appear on your September 2024 bill.

The Board of Directors regrets raising the rate but additional costs force this increase.  The Medina Water Supply has no debt but the replacement of aging equipment and inflation costs have cut into the financial reserves which need to be replenished and for the Water Supply Corporation to remain solvent.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Office manager, Kevin Ayers, at (830) 589-7689. 

The Board of Directors meets is on the second Monday of each month at 6pm at the Medina Community Center.  We invite you to attend any of the monthly meetings.

Thank You,

Board of Directors, Medina Water Supply Corp.